What Is The Role Of Your Ward Councilor?


The City of London has one Mayor, and one Councilor elected to represent each of the City’s 14 wards. The guide “The Municipal Councilor’s Guide” provides an overview of the many duties and challenges elected officials at the municipal level face. So, what is your councilor responsible for in your ward?

Responsibilities of a Successful Councilor

A councilor is to represent the public and to consider the well-being and interests of its ward. The councilor of your ward must accommodate and listen to its citizens within its ward to make a better community.

A councilor is to develop and evaluate the policies and programs of your municipality and to determine which services your ward may provide. The councilor of your ward must ensure these policies are in place and implement the decisions of the council. They must ensure the accountability and transparency of the operations of the municipality. A councilor will also have to maintain the financial integrity of it’s ward.

Attend Meeting and Events ward

Municipal councilors would be required to attend meetings of the Standing Committees and full City Council. These committees carry out much of the work of the council and then report back to council with recommendations. A councilor must attend all meetings (unless sick, out of town, etc.).

In conclusion, a councilor of your ward must be intelligent and make your ward a better community.

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