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What Is The Role Of Your Ward Councilor?


The City of London has one Mayor, and one Councilor elected to represent each of the City’s 14 wards. The guide “The Municipal Councilor’s Guide” provides an overview of the many duties and challenges elected officials at the municipal level face. So, what is your councilor responsible for in your ward?


What Is The Mayor Responsible For?

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On October 22, people all across Ontario will be heading to the polls and casting votes for their preferred candidates for municipal councils and school board trustees.  Voters elect heads of municipal councils directly on a ballot (mayors in larger cities and towns, reeves in smaller centres), while school board trustees will usually elect one…


What Is City Hall Responsible For?

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When a municipal election comes up, the average voter will probably know who is running for mayor and who is running for councillor of their ward. The average voter should also know what the London Mayor and Council are responsible for, and what’s out of their reach politically. Having this knowledge could make a huge…