Veronica Marie Warner

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Political Orientation


Position: Ward 9 Councillor

Incumbent: No

Previous council experience: None.

Other political experience: None.

Political affiliation: None found.

Political donations: None identified.

Occupation / Profession: Hair stylist, salon owner

Languages: English

Transit: “No BRT…definitely electric busses and better routing.” [1] survey response

Social Housing: Pro social housing. London has the 3rd highest child poverty rate in Canada, more emphasis needs to be on helping reduce our child poverty and homelessness. Affordable housing is important to increase our workforce within our skilled trades. [2]Information provided by candidate.

Business Climate: “Very business orientated…20 yrs of being [business owner] in London. [3] survey response.

Fiscal Responsibility: “Honesty integrity and engaged.” [4] survey response.

Safe Injection Sites: Supports Safe drug injection sites but would like to see London build a treatment center inclusive of all addictions. [5]Information provided by candidate.

Other: “Oxford st [sic] extension needs 4 lanes…yesterday” [6] survey response.

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Electipedia Survey Response

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How would you describe your political outlook?Choose not to answer
Do you currently belong to a political party at the federal or provincial level?No
Have you previously been a member of a political party at the federal or provincial level?No

For the following, please select one option that best indicates how each statement reflects your position or philosophy:

Social assistance payments should never be tied to mandated work or education requirements.Strongly Agree
Fiscal prudence is the hallmark of sound governance.Somewhat Agree
All public servants should be prohibited from going on strike.Somewhat Agree
Fees for using vehicles at certain times in high traffic zones is a reasonable way to subsidize and encourage the use of public transit.Strongly Disagree
Climate change represents an imminent threat that should be addressed by governments at every level.Strongly Agree
Oil pipelines are an effective way to boost Canada’s economy and energy self-sufficiency.Strongly Agree
While environmental concerns are important, government’s first priority is to build infrastructure that is safe and cost effective.Choose not to answer
Spending on social programs is more effective than spending on law enforcement and jails.Choose not to answer
Borrowing by governments, if done responsibly, is necessary to meet the needs of citizens.Somewhat Agree
Mandatory minimum sentences for criminal convictions are needed to ensure equality before the law, and to act as a deterrent.Choose not to answer
Safe injection sites are necessary to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.Strongly Agree

Please provide a one-paragraph response outlining your position on each of the issues indicated. Keeping mind that a) your answers will be publicly available, b) answers may be lightly edited for spelling, grammar, clarity, or length and c) while subsequent amendments to answers may be considered, the original response will remain visible to the public:


No BRT...definitely electric busses and better routing


Green recycling is a must building our own greenbin recycling plant will create reveue and energy

Social Housing

Needs to be cleaned up and safe

Business Climate

Very business orientated...20 yrs of being in business in London ON

Fiscal Responsibility

Honesty integrity and engaged

Law and Order

Police are the biggest backbone of our city...we need more

Safe Injection Sites

Facility needed desperately for a drug rehab facility encompassing a safe drug injection site

Other Issues

Oxford st extension needs 4 lanes...yesterday

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