Ward 9


Veronica Marie Warner

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Transit: “No BRT…definitely electric busses and better routing.”

Social Housing: Helping impoverished children is her biggest goal

Business Climate: “Very business orientated…20 yrs of being [business owner] in London.”

Fiscal Responsibility: “Honesty integrity and engaged.”

Safe Injection Sites: Supports Safe drug injection sites as part of a larger plan.

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Anna Hopkins (X)

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Transit: Supports the current BRT plan, but allows for potential improvements..

Social Housing: Information not available.

Business Climate: Supported lifting the retail space cap in the Wonderland Road South corridor.

Fiscal Responsibility: Information not available.

Safe Injection Sites: Supports safe injection sites.

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Matt Millar

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Transit: Opposes current BRT plan.

Social Housing: “We must ensure that our social housing is adequate in quantity, and is well-maintained.”

Business Climate:  “Keeping businesses in London, as well as attracting new business, must be a top priority for the vitality and well-being of our city. We must ensure that we are not driving businesses away with unreasonable policies and regulations.”

Fiscal Responsibility: “I will make it my main focus to ensure that our tax dollars are spent wisely!”

Safe Injection Sites: Generally in favour; does not see a requirement for a site in Ward 9.

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Ben Charlebois

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Transit: Information not available.

Social Housing: Praises former Ontario Liberals for “improvements to social assistance”

Business Climate: Pro: Free Tuition, U.B.I., Climate Leadership, Green Energy, Living Wage

Fiscal Responsibility: Believes social spending is fundamental for society. 

Safe Injection Sites: Information not available.

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Kyle Thompson

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Transit: Does not support the BRT plan as passed.

Social Housing: Social housing needs to be properly maintained.

Business Climate: Supports promoting investment from U.S. and beyond. Reiterates that BRT is bad for business in London.

Fiscal Responsibility:  “There is SO MUCH WASTE at every level of government. The public sector has lagged behind the private sector forever, due to the fact that there is little to no accountability when it comes to the books”.

Safe Injection Sites: Tentatively supports safe injection / supervised consumption sites in principle, if they are policed.

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