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Position: Ward 8 Councillor

Incumbent: No

Previous council experience: None.

Other political experience: None.

Political affiliation: None found.

Political donations: Donated to the federal Conservative Party.

Occupation / Profession: Business owner.

Languages: English

Transit: “I don’t believe the current BRT plan which advocates having dedicated bus lanes with concrete barriers throughout our city is the answer. The ½ billion dollar cost doesn’t justify the 4 minutes saved by our transit users. So what is the answer? First of all I believe we have to seek out solutions that address needs of ALL of us and how WE CHOOSE to move around town… Twice a day there is major traffic congestion. How do we address this? Perhaps on major routes 1 extra lane should be added with a flexible lane system that I have seen work very well in other cities. 3 lanes going into the city in the morning and 3 lanes going back home in the evening. Such simple low cost solutions that have proven successful in other cities of similar size must be considered. Computerized coordinated traffic lights were part of the BRT plan. Why not implement these immediately? Bus bays at pickup points allow traffic to flow while riders get on and off. Lets have more bays along major corridors in the highly congested areas… I would like to see city to continue expanding our bike paths throughout the city both for recreation and for day to day travel.” [1] This candidate is part of anti-BRT group Down Shift. [2]

Social Housing: “We need to change the revolving door solution for mental health, addiction and homelessness into a well defined pathway that guides towards a long term change. We need to build on the creative ideas of such organizations as Y.O.U. and Goodwill. They believe in providing a path out of day to day hopelessness by breaking the cycle and giving the means and guidance to a better life.” [3]

Business Climate: “The city needs to partner with Western and Fanshawe to create entrepreneurship opportunities for their bright young graduates. Also we need to make businesses currently located in London and those looking to invest here feel welcome buy assisting in any way as they build or expand.” [4]

Fiscal Responsibility: “I want to keep taxes reasonable by spending your money responsibly. I cast a wary eye when I hear arguments for projects using the term “investment”. If that is the case then I want to see a true business case that outlines real numbers for cost and real numbers for benefits. This isn’t easy as sometimes the numbers don’t add up the way you hoped and expenditures have to be adjusted. It takes time and due diligence to thoroughly examine proposals brought to council. I look forward to this task.” [5]

Safe Injection Sites: “Needle exchanges and supervised injections sites are being discussed and tested. These have the right intentions but I am not convinced they represent a long term solution… What happens to someone in crisis of a drug overdose or a mental health challenge? Are they put through a revolving door back on the streets within hours of being detained at hospital or our county jail, with no true solution of stopping the cycle? Police spend countless hours in hospital emergency rooms, taking them away from our streets…our tax dollars deserve a better solution to keep London safe. Lets help all – mental health and drug dependency sufferers, the social and medical services that have the skills to aid those in need and finally the police to provide all of us with a safe city environment.” [6]

Other: “A High Speed Rail link connecting us up with Toronto and Kitchener Waterloo will be the defining act of this decade for London. We are still an island in South Western Ontario. The new information economy demands we get connected with the biggest commercial centre in Canada and the fastest growing tech hub. Over the last twenty years we have heard about this possibility. Unfortunately it was never taken seriously by higher levels of government in Queens Park and Ottawa as they couldn’t justify such a huge expenditure that would benefit only only London. But now times have changed. No longer can the province ignore the congestion and housing crisis in Toronto. They are starting to realize the benefit of a Hi Speed rail link will not just be London but the millions in Toronto and outskirts.” [7]

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