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Position: Ward 6 Councillor

Incumbent: Yes

Previous council experience: First elected to council (Ward 6) in 2014.

Other political experience: Former school board trustee and chair of the London Catholic District School Board.

Responded to Electipedia survey: No

Political affiliation: Contested the provincial PC Party nomination in 2012; lost to Nancy Branscombe. [1]

Political donations: Multiple donations to the Conservative (federal) and PC (provincial) parties.

Occupation / Profession: Lawyer; London City Councillor.

Languages: English

Transit: Does not support the BRT plan as passed. [2]

Social Housing: Acknowledges demands strain the budget of London Middlesex Housing Corp., but that LMHC will have to be “creative” to meet its estimated funding shortfall; suggests the provate sector needs to get involved to meet the demand for less-expensive rental sotck. [3], [4]

Business Climate: Supports creating a climate favourable to job creation and entrepreneurship. . [5]

Fiscal Responsibility: “Has consistently voted against tax increases; was the only councillor to vote against the last budget because of a 2.8 percent increase.” [6]

Safe Injection Sites: Supports safe injection sites in principle, but voted against the endorsement of a particular site before zoning changes are approved. [7]


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