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Position: Ward 6 Councillor

Incumbent: No

Previous council experience: No

Other political experience: Ran for city council in 2014 for Ward 6; lost to Phil Squire.

Political donations: None found.

Occupation / Profession: Business owner, entrepreneur.

Languages: English

Transit: Supports BRT as proposed.[1]https://bloxam.ca/2018/02/25/the-r-stands-for-reliable/

Social Housing: Supports providing homeless individuals with free shelter to defray the other social, medical, and legal implications of homelessness.[2]https://bloxam.ca/2018/02/25/the-r-stands-for-reliable/

Business Climate: Supports city support for encouraging start-ups as a job growth tool, including subsidies and other benefits.[3]https://bloxam.ca/2014/09/25/strengthening-our-economic-backbone/

Fiscal Responsibility: Supports “budgeting and planning decisions that provide Londoners with good value for public money.” [4]https://bloxam.ca/platform

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