Jesse Helmer (X)

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Position: Ward 4 Councillor

Incumbent: No

Previous council:

First elected to council in 2014.

Political affiliation: Member of the federal Liberal Party as of 2013.

Political donations: Ongoing donations to the federal Liberal Party.

Occupation / Profession: Business owner.

Transit: Voted for the current BRT plan; supports electric busses on the BRT system.[1] , (

Environment: Supports including climate change warning on gas pumps.[2]

Social Housing: Supports a minimum guaranteed income to reduce poverty;[3]  supports including social housing in development plans;[4]  supports parity between single-unit and multi-unit property tax rates.[5]

Safe Injection Sites: Supports harm-reduction measures.[6]

Overall political orientation:  Based on the information available, this candidate’s overall political orientation is left-of-centre.

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