Mohamed (Mo) Salih (X)

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Position: Ward 3 Councillor

Incumbent: Yes

Previous council experience: First elected to council in 2014.

Other political experience: None

Political donations: None found.

Occupation / Profession: Border Services (CBSA) officer

Languages: English

Transit: Has voted against most aspects of the current BRT plan, bus has concurred with the majority in some committee votes. “I voted against the business case, consulting report, electrifying the buses and the most recent funding related vote [in September 2018].” [1] [2]Information provided by candidate

Social Housing: Has indicated support for poverty reduction programs.[3]

Business Climate: “(I will) continue doing my part to help create an environment where more jobs are created” [4]

Other: Opposed “carding” practices by London Police; member of the Police Services Board.[5]

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