Ward 14


Jared Zaifman (X)

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Transit: Supported the current BRT plan.

Social Housing: “Partnership agreements with other levels of government will encourage private investment in social housing.”

Business Climate: “As the city grows and greater interest from business comes the more pressure mounts on our staff to get things done quickly and we as a council need to support them in the efforts to reduce wait times and cut red tape.”

Fiscal Responsibility: “We as a municipality offer over 90 services to our community which also costs a great deal of money. Wherever possible in the past I looked for ways to reduce cost spending and did not support multiple measures during the budget process.”

Safe Injection Sites:  Supports safe injection sites in general.

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Steve Hillier

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Transit: Does not support BRT as implemented.

Social Housing: Hasten repair of existing social housing stock; encourage more co-op housing.

Business Climate:  Supports “taking a positive, customer service approach while nurturing local businesses and helping employers and industries build and grow in our community” while maximizing use of industrial land.

Fiscal Responsibility:  “London can and must deliver high quality public services in a way that is sustainable, transparent, and respectful. I am very worried… we may discover that the multi-year budgeting has put us on a path that will force unwelcome tax increases.”

Safe Injection Sites: Supports safe injection sites.

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Annette Swalwell

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Transit: Does not support BRT   “I am against BRT because I believe that in order to be ready, in ten years, to take advantage of the amazing transportation opportunities that will be available then, we have to start preparing London Transit now “

Social Housing: Believes that social housing complexes create a social environment that limits people’s ability to move out of their circumstances. Is a strong supporter of Inclusionary Zoning

Business Climate:  Encourage businesses to move into vacant buildings in Ward 14

Fiscal Responsibility:  “If there is a way to maintain the safety of a project while saving money on aesthetics I will choose to do so, small amounts of money on many projects lead to money that can be used to help with the battle against poverty, homelessness or to add to our affordable housing market.”

Safe Injection Sites: Information not available.

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Allan Tipping

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Transit: Supports BRT


Social Housing: Supports the Housing First Initiative 

Business Climate:  Information not available.

Fiscal Responsibility:  Supports restraining spending.

“I believe that all capital expenses (eg. BRT, Back to the River, Flex Street) should be listed on your tax bill, showing the amount paid off each year and how much is left until they are done being paid for. This way the increase for these expenses are not carried on longer then needed and the City is held accountable to the people.” 

Safe Injection Sites: Information not available.

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