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Position: Ward 13 Councillor

Incumbent: No

Previous council experience: None..

Other political experience: None.

Political affiliation: None identified.

Political donations: None found.

Occupation / Profession: Consultant.

Languages: English

Transit: A great city needs great transit. We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to bring rapid transit to London with $370 million in investment from higher levels of government. The current plan is a foundation that is flexible, extendable throughout the city, and adaptable to future technology such as autonomous vehicles. The plan also provides for significant gains in infrastructure for cyclists, runners and pedestrians. I am open to sensible adjustments as we progress but we must move forward. [1]Information provided by candidate

Social Housing: Providing safe and affordable housing is an important first step to helping so many of our residents overcome poverty to live a healthy and meaningful life. For many years I have been a strong advocate for co-operative housing which is an outstanding model for building community and supporting individuals and families. I support inclusionary zoning, so as we regenerate the downtown core, affordable housing is an integral part of the redevelopment. [2]Information provided by candidate

Business Climate: London has been left behind when compared to other Ontario cities in terms of attracting jobs. We must deliver new jobs especially in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. We have amazing hospitals, an excellent university and a fantastic college and we need to take better advantage of each. London needs to be open for business. [3]Information provided by candidate

Fiscal Responsibility: I pride myself on being both socially progressive and fiscally responsible. We need to both introduce and expand important services where needed, as well as review programs that are providing poor value. Every initiative that we undertake needs to be accountable to delivering the results promised. Councillors need to have the courage to make the right decisions for the city in the long term. We should always bring an equity, diversity and inclusion lens to our decisions. [4]Information provided by candidate

Safe Injection Sites: Addiction is an issue that affects everyone; from those who need our compassion, care and support, to those who are affected by the safety and security issues that can result. I support safe injection sites as one part of the solution to tackle this crisis that killed over a thousand Ontarians last year alone. We cannot afford to stall when help is needed now. [5]Information provided by candidate

Other: Self-described as “Centre of the political spectrum.” [6]Information provided by candidate

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