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Position: Ward 13 Councillor

Incumbent: No

Previous council experience: None..

Other political experience: None.

Political affiliation: None identified.

Political donations: None found.

Occupation / Profession: Manages a community newspaper.

Languages: English

Transit: Replace the existing BRT 10year plan with solutions that can be delivered in 4 years or less. Suggests the following changes: Implement the proven strategy of Brampton Transit to create a high speed network of express bus routes; Tie ridership satisfaction and trip growth as a job expectation for senior management at London Transit; Build a series of 6 major express routes with a 3 year implementation time-table using the proven technique of Queue Jump Lanes; Extend hours on the weekends with the introduction of a “Blue Light” service until 3am; Ensure express routes connect with all intercity transportation including Via Rail, Greyhound and the Airport; Ensure Transit routes start service at 5:30am on Weekdays; Ensure crowd sourced on-demand transit service for all industrial areas to guarantee reliable services; Have seasonal excursion routes such as a Port Stanley Beach Bus; Re-align existing transit route to a simpler grid based system with higher levels of timely service on all major roadways and extend routes to reach new communities; Rebuild Paratransit and augment additional service from Taxi industry to provide reliable service levels to seniors and those with mobility challenges so that they can participate fully in their communities; Ensure all transit riders can use Interac tap-to-pay, ApplePay and GooglePay to pay fares; Allow pets on the buses during non peak hours. [1]http://votedave.ca/transit

Social Housing: Proposes numerous changes, including: Restructure London Middlesex Housing Corporation to ensure it has access to outside streams of revenue; Deal with the outstanding backlog of repairs by prioritizing spending and selling non performing assets; [Direct] developer bonus dollars into repair fund; Ensure every public housing property has a tenant union; Change the rules around rent-geared-to-income to allow tenants more flexibility to retain more earnings without penalty; Change the tenancy rules to allow tenants in good standing to allow family members long-term stays; Create a special City agency to deliver assisted housing to people who are hard-to-house in purpose built facilities; [Allow] residents of public housing enroll in the five-year savings program, and in doing so are allowed to divert additional income without assessment penalty on their housing allowance. [2]http://votedave.ca/housing

Business Climate: Work with business associations to ensure City regulations and licensing offer a level playing field; Allow small and medium business owners to determine their operating hours for statutory holidays; Champion programs to assist new Canadians in gaining access to opportunities and ensuring the City supports community organizations helping families get set up in Canada; Ensure bylaws are applied in context with the intent of the regulation to ensure vibrant business communities. [3]http://votedave.ca/entrepreneurs

Fiscal Responsibility: “Property taxes are ready to soar over the next 5-year MPAC phase-in that reflects higher home prices today. The city council has locked Londoners into a shell game of exploding actual taxes by focusing on percentage rate hikes that ignore the massive burden higher property values will place on you. This can not continue.” Proposed changes: Base tax rates on actual expenditure requirements and take into account rising valuations of real property; Offer deferment plans to low income and seniors to ensure families can keep their homes; Rollback tax percentages to reflect the reality that home owner face higher assessments. [4]http://votedave.ca/taxes

Safe Injection Sites: “Immediately prioritize Injection Drug Outreach mobile services and field tents. Extend Opioid overdoes kits to addicts and front line teams in London and ensure new kits offer the nasal spray. Establish a full service walk-in clinic at Middlesex Health Unit’s new location specializing in physicians and a medical team focused on health issues faced by street drug users… Establish 2 portable 24 hour structures to deliver outreach services… Build 2 permanent addiction recovery facilities under the ownership of London Middlesex Housing Corporation with 100 beds each.” [5]http://votedave.ca/addiction-outreach

Other: Supports: Regional fast rail; London airport cargo hub; pedestrian-centric development; Internet everywhere crowdsourcing for purposes of urban planning. [6]http://votedave.ca

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