Rowa Mohamed

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Position: Ward 12 Councillor

Incumbent: No 

Political affiliation: Member of the federal NDP as of 2017.

Political donations: Donations to the federal NDP.

Occupation / Profession: Community activist; Telephone banking officer for a big-6 bank

Declared positions: 

Transit: Our ward is greatly impacted by the BRT plan, and I hear it on the campaign trail as I consult with residents in our focus groups and at their doors when we canvass. We agree that London transit definitely needs a change. London deserves a transit system that is reliable, affordable, flexible and able to handle population growth. We need a plan that takes into account the needs of all Londoners. Workers and employment groups recognize that there are jobs available for Londoners but we can’t get people to to those jobs because our transit system does not adequately provide service to the whole city. I  Londoners should drive the decisions we make; I will continue talking to my constituents to see what they believe is best for transit. I do believe that we need to be innovative and on the map alongside other major cities while we protect the existing transit jobs and help others enter into the labour market through the more efficient and reliable transit. [1]

Business Climate: Advocates the creation of a Business Improvement association in her ward. [2]

Social Housing: Housing is a human right. [3]

Safe Injection: She is committed to ensuring the ward has containers for sharp collection.

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