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Position: Ward 12 Councillor

Incumbent:  No

Previous council experience: No

Political donations, if any: None found.

Occupation / Profession: Product marketing manager

Transit: Does not support BRT as implemented.[1]https://www.facebook.com/pages/story/reader/?page_story_id=330373204156030 “The current proposal will not meet the needs of most Londoners and it’s a prime example of the wasteful spending that needs to be reigned in. I believe that the benefit of BRT will be obsolete before it is finished construction. From talking to the residence in Ward 12 there is little support for it. Everyone I have talked to is worried about cost overruns and increased taxes. Moreover, there is concern that during and even after construction Ward 12 residents will be adversely affected by increased traffic flow through our neighbourhoods from Wellington Rd.” [2]https://lfpress.com/news/local-news/ward-12-the-candidates-in-their-own-words

Social Housing: “This is a multifaceted problem. Asking developers to participate is only part of the solution… [We] have not kept up with the number of municipal housing units that are needed for our most vulnerable. Many of the units are in disrepair and many of those that use municipal housing never find their way into the regular housing or rental markets for various reasons. This leads to a chronic shortage. It’s a big problem that needs social agencies from all parts of government to address and fund.” [3]Information submitted by candidate

Business Climate: “Businesses are choosing to move to other communities because of the delays encountered at City Hall and taking good paying jobs with them. We need to encourage business development by: 1. Speeding up the approval process within city hall; 2. Cut the red tape; 3. Make sure that serviceable land for new industry is ready and appropriate; 4. Encourage businesses to come to London. ‘We are open for Business'” [4]https://gordevans.com/business-development/

Fiscal Responsibility: Wants taxes constrained.[5]https://www.facebook.com/Gordevansward12/

Safe Injection Sites: “Believes that Safe Injection Sites should be part of a larger Rehabilitation Plan with all levels of Government.” [6]Information submitted by candidate Proposes a sharps cleanup program for public spaces and buildings. [7]http://gordevans.com/sharp-waste-platform-biohazardous-waste/

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