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Position: Ward 12 Councillor

Incumbent: No

Previous council experience: None..

Other political experience: Ran as a Ontario PC Party candidate for the 2018 provinical election, in London-Fanshawe; lost to Teresa Armstrong.

Political affiliation: Ontario PC Party.

Political donations: Donations to the federal and provincial Conservative / PC parties.

Occupation / Profession: Insurance agent.

Languages: English

Transit: “NO on BRT! We need to spend funds on infrastructure but we need to have a project that works for everyone and deals with the city’s current traffic congestion.” [1]a href=””>

Social Housing: “There is a lack of supply in the housing market in London. We need to find the cause of delay in providing more and affordable housing into the marketplace and allow supply to match demand.” [2]a href=””>

Business Climate: Information not available.

Fiscal Responsibility: “Londoners pay excessive property tax. This is continuing to impact the affordability of homes in London. Every tax dollar must be respected and property taxes in London are not just a piggy bank that can be continuously raided for city projects.” [3]a href=””>

Safe Injection Sites: Information not available.

Other: “This city deserves a consistent approach to garbage collection and more frequent pick up will cause less confusion.” [4]a href=””>

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