Ward 12


Elizabeth Peloza

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Transit: Supports the Smart Moves 2030 Transportation Master Plan (including BRT).

Social Housing: “We need to create the right incentives through bonuses so that developers invest in the right sized needs for our housing in the community.”

Business Climate:  The “old school thinking of giving companies the cheapest land, the largest incentives, and the biggest tax breaks only works until another city comes along and gives a better offer.

Fiscal Responsibility:  “We need to strike the balance of spending taxpayer money wisely while balancing the needs of hard and soft infrastructure projects.”

Safe Injection Sites: Supports safe injection sites, including mobile sites when approved.

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Eric Weniger

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Transit: “NO on BRT! We need to spend funds on infrastructure but we need to have a project that works for everyone and deals with the city’s current traffic congestion.”

Social Housing: “There is a lack of supply in the housing market in London. We need to find the cause of delay in providing more and affordable housing into the marketplace and allow supply to match demand.”

Business Climate: Information not available.

Fiscal Responsibility: “Londoners pay excessive property tax. This is continuing to impact the affordability of homes in London. Every tax dollar must be respected and property taxes in London are not just a piggy bank that can be continuously raided for city projects.”

Safe Injection Sites: Information not available.

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Rowa Mohamed

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Transit: Supportive of BRT

Social Housing: “Housing is a human right”.

Business Climate: Advocates the creation of a Business Improvement association in her ward.

Fiscal Responsibility: Will strive to ensure that services remain public and owned by citizens.

Safe Injection Sites: She is committed to ensuring the ward has containers for sharp collection.

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Faisal Mahmood

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Transit: Does not support BRT

Social Housing: He is supportive of the city supplying budget to help with social housing.

Business Climate: Would like to lower taxes for businesses and make available loans with low interest rates to increase private business investment.

Fiscal Responsibility: Would like to be more efficient with the money we already have to create better infrastructure without raising taxes.

Safe Injection Sites: Is supportive of safe injection site and would like to have addiction counselling available onsite. 

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Jesse Haidar

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Transit:  Information not available.

Social Housing: Information not available.

Business Climate:  Information not available.

Fiscal Responsibility: Information not available.

Safe Injection Sites: Information not available.

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Gord Evans

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Transit: Does not support BRT as implemented.

Social Housing: “Asking developers to participate is only part of the solution… [We] have not kept up with the number of municipal housing units that are needed… [and many] of the units are in disrepair… It’s a big problem that needs social agencies from all parts of government to address and fund.”

Business Climate: “Businesses are choosing to move to other communities because of the delays encountered at City Hall and taking good paying jobs with them.” Supports ensuring serviced land is available for commercial enterprises, and reducing “red tape.”

Fiscal Responsibility: Wants taxes constrained.

Safe Injection Sites: “Believes that Safe Injection Sites should be part of a larger Rehabilitation Plan with all levels of Government.” Proposes a sharps cleanup program for public spaces and buildings.

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