Paul-Michael Anderson

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Position: Ward 11 Councillor

Incumbent:  No

Previous council experience: No

Other political experience: No

Political donations, if any: None found.

Occupation / Profession: Auto worker.

Languages: English

Declared positions:

Transit: The proposed BRT is not perfect and certainly not the project I would have purposed or supported. However, if your question is asking if I support the BRT over no changes to the current service, then I would support the BRT. Any improvement to our public transit system would certainly help the working class and vulnerable members of our community. I would support any responsible improvements to London’s public transit system because the current service offered to working class Londoners is inadequate. [1]

Addictions services: I believe the most pressing issue facing Londoners is the rapid spread of the opioid crisis. Addiction and mental health services need to be better funded. Our families and neighborhoods are being ravaged by the effects of this insidious substance. I choose to believe council will work closely together to fight the “NIMBY” culture that has stifled pervious councils from moving this issue forward. It is my hope that, by working together and funding health care measures, these issues in our community can be abated. [2]

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