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Position: Ward 11 Councillor

Incumbent:  No

Previous council experience: Ran for council in 2014; lost to Stephen Turner.

Other political experience: No

Political donations: None found.

Occupation / Profession: Photojournalist

Languages: English

Declared positions: Social Housing, Business Climate

Social Housing: Portion of all new housing must be reserved as affordable; homeless must be provided shelter.[1]

Business Climate: Supports creation of local small business over large companies as a means for growth.[2]

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Electipedia Survey Response

This candidate responded to Electipedia's survey. Read the candidate's reponses below:

NameMenno Meijer
How would you describe your political outlook?Centre-Left
Do you currently belong to a political party at the federal or provincial level?No
Have you previously been a member of a political party at the federal or provincial level?Yes

For the following, please select one option that best indicates how each statement reflects your position or philosophy:

Social assistance payments should never be tied to mandated work or education requirements.Strongly Agree
Fiscal prudence is the hallmark of sound governance.Strongly Agree
All public servants should be prohibited from going on strike.Strongly Disagree
Fees for using vehicles at certain times in high traffic zones is a reasonable way to subsidize and encourage the use of public transit.Somewhat Disagree
Climate change represents an imminent threat that should be addressed by governments at every level.Strongly Agree
Oil pipelines are an effective way to boost Canada’s economy and energy self-sufficiency.Strongly Disagree
While environmental concerns are important, government’s first priority is to build infrastructure that is safe and cost effective.Strongly Agree
Spending on social programs is more effective than spending on law enforcement and jails.Strongly Agree
Borrowing by governments, if done responsibly, is necessary to meet the needs of citizens.Somewhat Agree
Mandatory minimum sentences for criminal convictions are needed to ensure equality before the law, and to act as a deterrent.Somewhat Disagree
Safe injection sites are necessary to protect the most vulnerable members of our society.Strongly Agree

Please provide a one-paragraph response outlining your position on each of the issues indicated. Keeping mind that a) your answers will be publicly available, b) answers may be lightly edited for spelling, grammar, clarity, or length and c) while subsequent amendments to answers may be considered, the original response will remain visible to the public:


I am not opposed to rapid transit. I do not believe the current plan meets our needs. Ward 11, in which I am running, is certainly not served by the BRT plan as it currently stands. A larger vision for future and continued expansion of rapid transit is necessary prior to committing to the construction of the new system.
In the mean time alternative routes and more frequent buses would go a long way to encourage greater ridership. For example, a line from Lambeth over Wharncliffe Road directly to Western Road and the University to Richmond and Fanshawe would eliminate long transfers downtown and help eliminate congestion in that corridor.
London must also begin transitioning to electric or hydrogen fuel cell buses to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


London must become serious about eliminating greenhouse gas emissions. Through strong public transit, better and safer walkways and bicycle lanes, and transitioning to electric vehicles for city use is essential. London must also begin efforts to transition to solar and wind energy in both the public and private sector.
Continued planting of trees and creating new green spaces in the city will make London more livable and beautiful.

Social Housing

London has a high population of homeless persons and workers employed in precarious and low-income jobs. While we must make every effort as a community to correct this imbalance, we must take immediate action to provide affordable housing and subsidize that housing when persons and/or families are unable to pay the high cost of rent with the income they earn.
Senior citizens must never have housing problems. When families are not prepared to accommodate their elder family members, or where seniors have no family to care for them, we as a community must ensure those seniors are treated with dignity and love. This begins with adequate housing that is affordable and geared toward their needs. Where the private sector is unwilling to accommodate impoverished citizens, the city must provide that housing and ensure private developers make accommodation for the needs of our fellow citizens.

Business Climate

Attracting large businesses to London is helpful for our economy. But large corporations are inclined to vacate London without notice leaving many Londoners suddenly unemployed.
Small businesses create more jobs than big corporations and profits from those businesses remain largely in London. Small business owners have a vested interest in our communities and are more likely to invest in projects that enhance our quality of life in the city.
We must focus our efforts on enabling and assisting London's entrepreneurs to create a strong local economy that has the interests of London's citizens first and foremost on their agenda.

Fiscal Responsibility

Pushing London's retailers ever further outwards to the periphery of the city requires massive investment in infrastructure to accommodate the volume of traffic through the city, not to mention the water, sewage and energy transmission needs.
The net result of this trend is higher costs and the destruction of community-based businesses and increases in greenhouse gasses while getting a loaf of bread is no longer possible within walking distance of our homes.
Fiscal responsibility is not only about keeping taxes low, it is about ensuring expenditures enhance the quality of life in our communities and reduce the need for expensive infrastructure projects designed to move services out of our communities.

Law and Order

The women and men of the London Police Services are largely concerned citizens motivated to ensure our peaceful existence in London. They provide an essential service that we count on to prevent crimes that are harmful to that peace.
But we must help them in this essential service. We must attack the poverty and conditions that are the foundations of crime. We must elevate all our citizens into a life where essential needs such as housing, food and clothing are provided to mitigate the potential for those crimes.
An additional benefit to this will be lowered healthcare and social service costs.

Safe Injection Sites

Safe injection sites, coupled with on-site available social services, are essential to assist those who have fallen through the cracks into a life neither they of their loved ones could have imagined.
If we do not care for our neighbours who are in dire straits, we will reap the troubles that are inflicted on them.
We are better than that.

Other Issues

London is a city with many communities. Ward 11 has at least seven distinct communities consisting of Wortley Village, Old South, Manor and Highland Park, Southcrest, Berkshire Village, Kensal Park, and The Coves area. These communities deserve representation of their community needs. Each has its own needs and desires and deserve a councillor that is prepared to listen to their concerns and bring their concerns to council and/or related departments' attention. That is the purpose of a ward councillor.
I will be that councillor.

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