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Position: Ward 10 Councillor

Incumbent: No

Previous council experience: Served as a Councillor from 2003 through 2014.

Other political experience: Contested the 2008 federal election for the Conservative Party in London North Centre; lost to Glen Pearson.

Political affiliation: Conservative Party of Canada.

Political donations: Donations to the Conservative Party of Canada.

Occupation / Profession: Manufacturing Business Development Manager

Languages: English

Transit: “I do not support the BRT plan. The cost/benefit does not add up.” [1]

Social Housing: Voted against a cut to London’s social housing reserve fund of 1 million. [2]

Business Climate:

“The big sleeper issue of this campaign is economic development including new industrial investment in the city. In effect, the economic development function has effectively been passed over by council over the last four years… We must place manufacturing at the top of the list of firms served by the city because it is from manufacturing much of our economic activity flows [and they] assist mightily, providing relief on the tax front.” [3]

Fiscal Responsibility: As a Ward 10 Councillor was consistently been council’s lowest spender. [4]

Safe Injection Sites: “I’m absolutely for exploring (whether to have a safe injection site).” (Quoted in 2013) [5]

Other: Information not available.

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