Ward 10


Thomas Risley

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Transit: Does not support BRT, Waste of Tax Payers Hard Earned Dollars

Social Housing: Pro social housing but expressed concern that some social housing in Toronto, refuses all but Muslim occupants. Does not want that for London.

Business Climate:  Wants to: “Encourage employers to come, stay, and expand In London”

Fiscal Responsibility: Opposes unnecessary expenditures, e.g. in capital projects like bridges.

Safe Injection Sites:  “Rehab center’s for drug addiction instead of supervised illegal drug sites. How can you cure an addiction by feeding it?”

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Virginia Ridley (X)

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Transit: Absent from May 2018 council vote on the draft environmental project report; has otherwise supported BRT.

Social Housing: Use the affordable housing reserve fund to support the Housing Development Corp, who can partner with private builders.

Business Climate:  Information not available.

Fiscal Responsibility: Supported a pay raise for councillors; submitted highest expense claim for Internet service.

Safe Injection Sites: Information not available.

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Gary Manley

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Transit: I don’t support the current BRT plan. The current plan will not be good for downtown businesses.

Social Housing: Supports social housing, and also programs to break the poverty cycle.

Business Climate: Supports a business-friendly environment.

Fiscal Responsibility: Keeping to budgets is important, as is having an emergency reserve.

Safe Injection Sites: Safe sites are important, as is drug education in schools.

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Paul Van Meerbergen

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Transit: Information not available.

Social Housing: Information not available.

Business Climate: “We must place manufacturing at the top of the list of firms served by the city because it is from manufacturing much of our economic activity flows.”

Fiscal Responsibility: Repeated years as city’s lowest spender during his last term in London.

Safe Injection Sites: “I’m absolutely for exploring (whether to have a safe injection site).” (Quoted in 2013)

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Kevin May

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Transit: Yes, I support the Shift BRT plan.

Social Housing: “I understand the importance of our social programs to improve accessibility and inclusion.”

Business Climate: “Sustainable growth while respecting our heritage and cultural fabric.”

Fiscal Responsibility: Information not available.

Safe Injection Sites: Supports safe injection sites.

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