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Melanie O’Brien

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Transit:  Does not support BRT as presented, but wants massive transit improvement.

Social Housing:  Would like to make social housing a key issue.

Business Climate:  Wants to attract investment and job opportunities.

Fiscal Responsibility:  Wants to cut down allowances for paid consultations.

Safe Injection:  Supports safe injection sites.

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Bud Polhill

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Transit: I will “Scrap London’s half-billion-dollar Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) scam”

Social Housing:  Does not appear supportive of social housing.

Business Climate: Supports creating a business-friendly environment.

Fiscal Responsibility:  I will “Put the brakes on the gravy train and stop the spending-spree at City Hall”

Safe Injection Sites:  Does not appear supportive of safe injection sites.

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Michael van Holst (X)

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Transit:  Opposes current “Shift” BRT plan as implemented, but supports BRT in principle over LRT

Social Housing:  Charities and the federal and provincial levels of government share “a lot” of responsibility for reducing poverty.

Business Climate:  City leaders and administrators can moderate self-interest of developers.

Fiscal Responsibility:  Information not available.

Safe Injection:  Information not available.

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