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Position: Mayor

Incumbent: No. 

Previous council experience: Councillor for Ward 13, first elected in 2014.

Other political experience: Nominated for provincial NDP candidate in London North Centre 2018; lost.

Responded to Electipedia survey:  No

Political affiliation: New Democratic Party (sought nomination in provincial election)[1]http://www.iheartradio.ca/newstalk-1290-cjbk/news/park-to-seek-provincial-ndp-nomination-1.3322849

Political donations: None found.

Occupation / Profession: Realtor; London city councilor.

Languages: English

Declared positions: Transit, Social Housing, Business Climate, Fiscal Responsibility, Safe Injection Sites, Other

Transit: Supported current BRT plan.[2]https://www.westerngazette.ca/news/london-city-council-committee-endorses-full-brt-for-its-rapid/article_00677c1c-23a9-11e6-8e47-e32b622bcdda.html “BRT isn’t one giant project, it is an important piece of that larger, master transportation plan. This plan includes the strategic widening of roads and fundamental improvements to the traffic signal system, which one of the largest creators of congestion. This plan includes priority bus lanes, bike paths and safer pedestrian crossings and access.” [3]a href=”https://tanyapark.london/policy/transit/”>https://tanyapark.london/policy/transit/

Social Housing: “The City of London cannot foot the bill for these [housing] solutions alone. Instead we must secure financial assistance from the federal and provincial governments, as well as the private sector… Some ways that council can effect positive change in housing is by utilizing important tools such as inclusionary zoning and bonusing. This means that when a developer comes to the table with an application, they have incentive to create affordable housing that enhances the density of a building.” [4]https://tanyapark.london/policy/housing/

Business Climate: Supports deleting the vacant property tax credit; supports restricting hours for deliveries to businesses in the core during peak traffic hours.[5]https://omny.fm/shows/the-craig-needles-show/tanya-park “We are fortunate to have low unemployment, yet we are challenged to meet the increasing demand within the skilled trades. This challenge is why I will work with our local colleges and unions to increase the numbers of apprentices. We have to leverage the expertise of our education and training institutions to meet the demand of London’s economy. It is critical for the city to work alongside these partners to create initiatives which attracts, trains and retains talent.” [6]https://tanyapark.london/policy/economic-development/

Fiscal Responsibility: Feels current ODSP and OntarioWorks payments are not sufficient;[7]https://omny.fm/shows/the-craig-needles-show/tanya-park “For 40 years we have been one of the few Canadian communities with a Aaa credit rating and while on council I worked to safeguard that legacy. That is why our finances are strong. Council has reduced the city’s debt by $209 per household over a five-year period, while increasing reserves by $270 million.” [8]https://tanyapark.london/policy/economic-development/

Safe Injection Sites: Supports safe injection / supervised consumption sites.[9]http://www.iheartradio.ca/newstalk-1290-cjbk/mayoral-candidate-tanya-park-1.3839914

Other: Supports London being a “sanctuary city” (for those without immigration status in Canada)[10]https://tvo.org/transcript/2424373/video/programs/the-agenda-with-steve-paikin/making-london-a-sanctuary-city. “We can make London the centre of a renaissance for locally grown food and agri-business for our entire region. Food sustains us all and having access to fresh food is foundation of good economic and personal health>” [11]https://tanyapark.london/policy/food-security/

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