Paul Cheng

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Political Orientation

Somewhat right of center

Position: Mayor

Incumbent: No

Previous council experience: No

Other political experience: 2014 mayoral candidate; lost to Matt Brown.

Political affiliation: Unconfirmed; has been identified as a possible Conservative Party candidate.[1]

Occupation / Profession: Oil & gas consultant[2]–whos-been-critical-of-the-citys-rapid-transit-plan–says-he-will-run-again-in-2018/wcm/3fbb9b3c-29a7-c6cb-91fd-cbc7a9723972

Languages: English, Cantonese (fluent), Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic (basic/working)[3]

Declared positions: Transit, Social Housing, Business Climate, Fiscal Responsibility

Transit: Opposes BRT but would consider other transit options; driving personal vehicles is an individual choice[4]

Social Housing: Homelessness is endemic and requires a plan that has metrics to measure success.[5]

Business Climate: Business-friendly, reduce barriers to businesses, encourage investment.

Fiscal Responsibility: Prosperity will create the tax base to support social spending; supports fiscal restraint.[6][7]

Safe Injection Sites: Officially no comment: issue is “a moving target.”[8]

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