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Position: Mayor

Incumbent: No

Previous council experience: None.

Other political experience: MP for London West, 2008-2015; Minister of Science and Technology 2014-15; Chair of the Conservative Southwest Ontario Caucus (2013-14).

Responded to Electipedia survey: No

Political affiliation: Conservative Party. [1]https://www.holderformayor.ca/about

Political donations: Multiple donations to the Conservative Party / PC Party at the federal and provinical levels.

Occupation / Profession: Insurance company manager (retired).

Languages: English

Transit: “I do not support the current BRT plan. I know that my position will disappoint BRT supporters who have worked hard on the project for years. Here are my concerns.. First, it will cost a half-billion dollars of which virtually all of the funds will be used to assist the small percentage of daily commuters who use the bus. Second, it will cause at least 10 years of traffic headaches for the majority of our citizens who drive cars to work and will permanently reduce the number of lanes available to cars when the dedicated bus lanes are built. Third, to me, BRT does not meet the City Plan’s vision of “exciting, exceptional or connected”. While the best of the world is exploring clean energy and self-driving vehicles that open up unlimited mobility options for everyone, we’d end up, in 10 years with fixed technology with limited flexibility to adapt to the future needs of our city.” [2]https://www.holderformayor.ca/july_12_announcement

Social Housing:  Better supporting Londoners who are struggling with drug addiction, mental health, and housing. [3]https://www.holderformayor.ca/platform

Business Climate: We could minimize tax increases by cutting city services. But I believe that a much more powerful solution is through job growth.  I will focus on two tasks to support that growth.  First, I will work with local businesses and our robust education sector to make sure that our workforce has the skills our businesses need. Second, I will be at the table when major presentations are being made to win new jobs and companies for London. As a former London business leader, job creator, and member of Western’s Board of Governors I can make a significant contribution.  [4]https://www.holderformayor.ca/platform

Fiscal Responsibility: Securing federal and provincial investment for the big infrastructure projects vital to London.My experience as a Member of Parliament and Cabinet Minister has given me the right contacts and credibility in Ottawa and with Queen’s Park to get the federal and provincial resources that our city needs to grow.      [5]https://www.holderformayor.ca/platform

Safe Injection Sites: Holder is supportive of social programs to help drug addicts. [6]https://www.holderformayor.ca/platform

Other: “Over the summer I’ll be listening to Londoners as I develop my platform.” [7]https://www.holderformayor.ca/platform

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