Carlos Murray

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Political Orientation


Position: Mayor

Incumbent:  No 

Previous council experience: No

Other political experience: Ran for the mayor of Sarnia in 2010, lost; ran for mayor in 2014 in London; lost to Matt Brown.[1]

Political donations: None found.

Occupation / Profession: Musician.[2]

Transit: Supports smaller rush hour buses during essential times. [3]From Kings College Debate, Oct. 3 Supports a “LRT” system. [4]

Social Housing: Everyone needs a job who wants one, city hall is responsible for providing this. [5]From Kings College Debate, Oct. 3 Use buildings around the former South Street hospital as homeless shelters, and have the homeless help make them livable. It’s unacceptable that people have to resort to living in tent cities, there should be enough shelter spaces and more affordable housing so no one is homeless. [6]

Business Climate: Private business needs to be respected, these are large tax bases that support London. [7]From Kings College Debate, Oct. 3

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