London Ontario Municipal Election 2018

Election date: October 22, 2018

Highlight Issues


The current council approved a plan for Bus Rapid Transit, but not without controversy.  There is little middle ground from most candidates on the plan, with several pledging to further refine or halt the approved plan.  With hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal and provincial governments in play, this transit project will be a major issue for years to come.

Safe Injection Sites

London is among the cities most affected by the opioid crisis, and opening safe injection sites (also called safe consumption sites) has been part of a wide-ranging discussion in the city.  Where sites will be located permanently and how they will be configured and remain open issues that need to be resolved.

Affordable Housing and Homelessness

Like many cities with a hot real estate market, issues around affordable rent and social housing stock are centerpieces of the discussions about reducing poverty and homelessness in London.  Candidates have different takes how to address these issues, particularly the role of government in reducing poverty and how (and if) affordable housing should be linked to new development.

Jobs and Economic Development

London’s unemployment rate has recently started to improve after being stubbornly above the provincial average for years.  Unemployment, underemployment, and the availability of skilled workers remain serious challenges for London and area. Candidates propose a number of ways to bring new jobs to London, from creating incubators for entrepreneurs to tax and other incentives to bring new employers to the city.