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The Debate Over Safe Injection Sites


Supervised consumption sites, commonly referred to as safe injection sites, have been a hot topic in the city of London since the first facility of this kind opened its doors earlier this year. This temporary site is set to close soon after Election Day, October 22, which means what happens in the municipal election could…


BRT Overview

London’s proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system is one of the defining issues for the city this election season, with many candidates making their decision about its implementation a key part of their platforms. It’s a major municipal transit approach that hinges on this election, too: Many candidates have staked out clear positions for and…


What Is The Role Of Your Ward Councilor?


The City of London has one Mayor, and one Councilor elected to represent each of the City’s 14 wards. The guide “The Municipal Councilor’s Guide” provides an overview of the many duties and challenges elected officials at the municipal level face. So, what is your councilor responsible for in your ward?