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The Importance of Municipal Politics


In Canada, we pay a lot of attention to provincial and federal politics. The news is filled with the intrigue and drama of parties and politicians, and many of us have strong opinions on what’s going on in Ottawa or Toronto. But what about at the local level of municipal politics? Do you know who…


The race begins…’s work continues. We need your help!

Now that nominations have closed, we’re continuing to add new candidates to As always, we can use your help. If you have any information about any candidate (or if you’re working for a candidate) and can add information to any profile, please sign up and submit! We’ve been working to get the front end…


Ranked Ballots: Everything You Wanted To Know (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Ranked Ballot

What is the new voting system being implemented by the City of London for the upcoming election? London is the first city in Canada to use a ranked ballot approach to elect the mayor and city council. This type of system can have several names, including a preferential ballot or instant runoff ballot. How is…